OC Craft Runners go the extra mile with their own IPA

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Published in OC Register

Every Monday evening, the O.C. Craft Runners meet at various local breweries to run a few miles before cooling off with a cold one– a growing trend among social running groups. So why not take it to the next level? One bold group is sprinting down a new road: brewing its own beer.

The 6.5 percent Extra Mile IPA will have a limited run – literally, the beer will only be available beginning at noon until its last drop – at All-American Ale Works in Anaheim on Saturday, Sept. 16.

Co-founder John Hale said he always wanted to brew a beer that represented the group. After meeting for the weekly run at All-American Ale Works, Hale asked the establishment’s head brewer Ryan Hugh if they could collaborate.

“It’s something I wanted to do and All-American Ale Works was the perfect spot for it. They’re a new brewery and one week, they opened up for us,” said Hale, “This kind of thing goes a long way with me, and it was just them being hospitable that was the springboard for this whole enterprise.”

On Aug. 24, members of the club met at the brewery to create the beer, brewing a total of about six kegs for the release day. There will be cans or “crowlers” available for purchase and the group hopes to set a personal record for how quickly they sell out.

“We kept the grain bill simple to let the aroma and flavors of the hops shine through. The hops we used were citra, mosaic and amarillo, all added late or post-boil for a smooth bitterness,” said Tim Meltreger, who helps manage the club, “The beer drinks easy with a light body and the peach, passion fruit, apricot and light citrus aromas and flavors of the hops stand out from the first sip.”

The release is all in good fun, with no profits going to the O.C. Craft Runners. The mission of the running group, said Meltreger, is to have fun and support local breweries, so he hopes the release will help promote the Anaheim brewery as well.

The social running group, formed in Orange in 2015, is free to join and open to runners and walkers of all levels and ages; members must be over 21 to participate in the post-run brewery gathering. For the last two years, the group has grown in size and has even started a chapter in Los Angeles.

“For us, it’s all about having fun. We love running. We love beer. We love doing this whole thing together week after week. It’s an opportunity to share who we are and what we love with the people of the community, runners and non-runners alike,” said Meltreger, “The O.C. Craft Runners is about bringing people together, and having our own beer is a natural extension of that.”

O.C. Craft Runners’ Beer Release

Where: All-American Ale Works, 5120 E. La Palma Ave., Anaheim

When: Noon Saturday, Sept. 16

Call: 657-549-2140

Online: facebook.com/occraftrunners

Published by Jackie Moe

Entertainment reporter dedicated to providing coverage for SoCal & touring shows, concerts, stand-up, celebrity interviews, backstage insight, and features with the local running community.

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